The Grande Savoyarde, a large property in Chamonix, was built by an old Parisian deputy married to Mrs. Spencer, American with British origins, owner of a well-known perfume company.
The couple purchase 4183 m2 of land behind the Majestic, a well-known residence of prominent local families.
The house was built between 1925 and 1926, certainly by the same architect that built villa Barman and it seems that it was built to be rented rather than to be inhabited.
This rental will presume the importance of the Grande Savoyarde and the high touristic level of Chamonix during the world wars.

The architecture of this building certainly doesn’t go unnoticed in the Savoy landscape.
It’s  characterized by large master rooms; large windows looking towards  the wonderful view of the Mont Blanc range make

However, its main peculiarity that makes it unique, is a rounded edge in one of the corners of the residence itself, typical of London houses, the so-called
bow-windows, due to Mrs. Spencer’s influence, that make the villa a wonderful synthesis between French and British styles.

In the bow-windows, because of their peculiar circular window, it seems to be immersed in the enchanting Savoy nature just at the foot of Mont Blanc.

The materials used in this residence are noble: stone, wood and others of undisputable value, especially in some rooms with a design concept.
In some of the main areas there are some monumental fireplaces, as in the dining room and at the entrance lobby, often surmounted by valuable paintings.

For this reason the villa was classified as one of France’s historical houses.
The most illustrious owner was a French president.

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